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Successful Tiny Forest model now also in Austria


To save CO2, Value One is implementing a Tiny Forest in Vienna for the first time.

Vienna, 28 November 2022 - A Tiny Forest is a climate-efficient small forest planted according to the principles of the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. With up to 30 different tree species and a high level of biodiversity, it grows up to ten times faster than a conventional forest. This creates a CO2 reservoir in the middle of the city.  On Monday morning, an elementary school class from Favoriten symbolically planted the last trees of the mini-forest at the CAPE 10 site in the presence of district head Marcus Franz. 

Value One invests in the future

"The CAPE 10 partnership is an essential part of our corporate philosophy, where we want to support exceptional projects in a targeted manner. With the Tiny Forest, we contribute to sustainable urban development and create additional ecological and social added value in the Grätzel," says Value One CEO Andreas Köttl. 

The Tiny Forest is an innovation project of Value One, which implements a variety of extraordinary habitats in Vienna and internationally, taking into account ESG criteria (Environmental - Social - Governance). "With the Tiny Forest, we want to make an active contribution and set new accents in Vienna's cityscape. The Sonnwendviertel has grown strongly in recent years. This small urban forest in the densely built-up urban area will mean cooling in summer and better air in the surrounding area in the future. It is a vivid example for children and also adults of how climate protection can work on a small scale," says Köttl.

CAPE 10 - the green house

At the CAPE 10 site, 25 different tree species are planted on an area of about 450 square metres. This above-average density of mixed planting promotes rapid plant growth. This also increases the water storage capacity of the soil, which prevents soil erosion and effectively stores important nutrients. "Planting the Tiny Forest right next to our house is not only a great honour but a matter of the heart and should also stand as a symbol for CAPE 10 as a green house. From planning to construction and all our other activities, not only social but also ecological sustainability plays an essential role for us," says Univ.-Prof. Dr. Siegfried Meryn, Chairman of the Board of the CAPE 10 Foundation. CAPE 10 comprises around 6,500 square metres of gross floor space. "We are proud to have received gold certification from the ÖGNI (Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate) for our sustainable concept. Green facades and green roof terraces contribute to environmentally friendly building cooling in warm summer months. In addition, a project is just starting with Wien Energie to save water by means of a sensor-controlled irrigation system and to measure the effect of façade irrigation on the microclimate using special technology. All this creates an improvement in the air inside and outside the building," says Meryn.

Photo credit: © fotografiefetz