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Project update: What's up in Viertel Zwei


Project overview

What is being built in Viertel Zwei?

We will be working on further projects in Viertel Zwei until 2025. The Grünblick & Weitblick projects will create new apartments, office space and a hotel in Viertel Zwei. In total, this will create a living space for 15,000 people.

Viertel Zwei is growing - Grünblick & Weitblick construction measures

Since the beginning of March, preparatory construction measures have been taking place on the construction site of the Grünblick & Weitblick projects. The containers for the construction pits have been set up and necessary safety measures have been put in place on the construction field. Now it can start and the first construction works can begin. 

The following works will be set in the next months:*

  • Pre-construction measures at the beginning of March 2022                        
  • Diaphragm wall, excavation & deep foundation: April 2022- end of 2022                
  • Start of building construction: December 2022                     
  • Crane deployment: 
    • Grünblick: from expected December 2022 - November 2024
    • Weitblick: from expected December 2022 - mid 2025 
  • Overall completion: 
    • Grünblick expected mid 2025
    • Weitblick Expected end of 2025

In the period from April to December 2022, there may always be increased noise or dust pollution - vibrations may also be felt as a result of the construction activities. We will do our best to keep the nuisance as low as possible. 

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