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Madaster and Value One enter into sustainable partnership


Buildings become commodity banks 

In a new joint venture, Madaster and real estate developer and operator Value One are combining their strengths to give sustainable real estate developments a powerful boost. Madaster is facilitating the transition to a circular economy with its digital platform for materials and products in the built environment. This "cadastre for materials" is already operational in five European countries, and is now launching in Austria.

Vienna, 02.06.2022 - In a linear economic model, resources are limited and scarce. Madaster views the earth as a closed system in which there should be no waste. To make materials available indefinitely, they need to be registered and documented. By giving materials an identity on the Madaster platform, their reuse becomes possible in the first place. Each (construction) object is thus designed and managed as a repository of raw materials. Madaster thus solves a major pain point in the industry and offers a market-ready product. "We help construction companies, real estate developers, architects, engineers, producers and property owners map exactly which recyclables and materials are in their properties and document that centrally on the Madaster platform. This is how we bring real estate into a digital future and prepare it for a sustainable circular economy," says Pablo van den Bosch, CEO of Madaster. The platform is already being used successfully in several European countries and will provide tremendous help in successfully implementing the EU Taxonomy Regulation from 2023.

Together fit for the EU Taxonomy Regulation

The Madaster platform registers and documents materials, products and elements used in construction objects. In this way, the platform offers property owners and managers the opportunity to obtain up-to-date information on the financial and circular value as well as the reuse potential of the materials, products and elements used. Through this innovative solution, the Madaster platform helps ensure ESG-compliant traceability of materials at the origin of a project for all companies involved in the value chain. "The Madaster platform helps make real estate projects "circular", facilitating a shift in the industry's thinking. After all, with appropriate material passports, every building is more than just a property to live in, to work in, to live in. It becomes a raw material storehouse of the future. We want to support this enormous potential and therefore enter into a strong partnership for innovation and sustainability," Andreas Köttl, CEO of Value One, describes the joint venture.

Strong joint venture for the real estate industry in Austria

Value One and Madaster are founding Madaster Austria GmbH for the domestic market, bringing the digital material passport to Austria. Madaster provides the technological platform and Value One brings the sales force and network to the real estate industry to make domestic projects ESG-ready in time for 1.1.2023.

Madaster Kennedy Network Membership

The Madaster Kennedy Network brings together organizations that want to make a difference in the real estate and construction market. With Value One and Drees und Sommer as the first Kennedy's in Austria, a strong start has been made. Madaster Austria GmbH has set itself the goal of further expanding this network and will be inviting leading Austrian organizations to join in the coming months. Together with the Madaster team, they will use their experience and the network's influence to encourage the Austrian market to implement the circular economy.

About MadasterMadaster considers raw materials as limited editions and building materials as cyclically reusable. To ensure that building materials are available in unlimited supply, Madaster ensures that they are tracked and documented so that they can be reused and do not become an ever-growing mountain of waste. Madaster provides the ability to document materials and buildings, similar to parcel and property registration. The Madaster platform allows property owners to create a materials passport for their buildings that includes materials, recycling, and financial information, giving individual homeowners, businesses, and government agencies better insight into how materials are managed in the built environment. Together, the platform and the passport support the reuse of materials through smart design that avoids waste. www.madaster.at

Drees & Sommer: Innovative partner for consulting, planning, construction and operation

As a leading European consulting, planning and project management company, Drees & Sommer has been supporting private and public clients and investors in all matters relating to real estate and infrastructure - analog and digital - for over 50 years. Through forward-looking consulting, the company offers solutions for successful buildings, high-yield portfolios, efficient infrastructure, and livable cities.

In interdisciplinary teams, the approximately 4,000 employees at 46 locations worldwide, including one in Vienna, support clients from a wide range of industries. The partner-managed company provides all its services on the premise of combining economy and ecology. This holistic approach is called "the blue way" at Drees & Sommer. www.dreso.at

About Value One

Value One, headquartered in Vienna, develops and operates exceptional properties and urban districts that are a pleasure to live in. More than 200 employees work in the three business units Development, Operations and Investments to turn visions into reality. Over the past 20 years, Value One has realized outstanding properties worth around two billion euros. Today, more than 15,000 people live and work in our properties. Vienna's Viertel Zwei urban development and MILESTONE's premium student apartments across Europe are just two examples of the new standards being set. www.value-one.com


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