Making sustainable decisions

Shaping simply green fgood. For today and beyond.

ESG in Focus

We believe that sustainable businesses are the future and we see that developing sustainable business models helps us to make the group more resilient to external influences. This was particularly noticeable in this year, which was driven by inflation, war, high construction prices, the interest rate turnaround and the energy crisis.  

That is why we have further strengthened the focus on ESG and digitalisation in our corporate strategy. We have set ourselves ambitious ESG targets that now accompany us in every real estate project and in all important business areas. We understand ESG as a transformation process and are working on measuring our sustainability performance and optimising it from day to day.

Our ESG Report 

Our ESG measures

  • implemented
  • in implementation
  • not yet implemented
  • for each project

Development: Our ESG minimum standards

Our projects follow clear quality and sustainability standards.

  • Green Buildings: Designing green real estate
  • Clean Energy: Using Clean Energy
  • Land use: Preserving living space
  • Circular economy: Closing cycles
  • projects pre-certified
  • projects Platin / Outstanding
  • projects Gold / Excellent

ESG Strategy - Our focus areas

The development and implementation of innovative future-oriented solutions is an essential driver of sustainability.

  • Environment
    Climate protection, circular economy, clean energy, land use, waste prevention
  • Social
    Working Environment, Diversity & Inclusion, Customer Orientation
  • Governance
    Corporate Governance, Innovation & Digitalisation
  • Climate protection: We reduce our C02 footprint and strive for 100% C0-2 neutrality across the entire value chain.
  • Circular economy: We opt for sustainable products in procurement and focus on the reuse of building materials.
  • Clean energy: We focus on the development and efficient use of renewable and clean energy.
  • Land use: We create sustainable upgrading of the site on an economic, ecological and social level, paying particular attention to the careful use of land.
  • Waste avoidance: We conserve resources by avoiding, reducing and recycling waste in line with the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle principle.
  • Working environment: We promote the creativity and further training of our employees and focus on their well-being.
  • Diversity and integration: We see the diversity of our employees as an opportunity for greater innovative strength.
  • Customer orientation: Our central goal is customer satisfaction with long-term customer relationships based on partnership.
  • Corporate Governance: Our competitiveness is ensured through ESG-compliant actions We only grow to the extent that our internal structures allow.

Our sustainability key figures

Here are a few highlights from the ESG report

average age
paperless office
renewable energy
female leaders
ÖGNI Gold Zertifikat
green roof
of all managers between 30-50 years
sustainable procurement

We love partnerships

Because together we are stronger.

We value long-term partnerships very highly - at eye level, with appreciation and the firm conviction that we can inspire our customers and partners again and again. We are members of forward-looking associations that we believe make an important contribution to the industry and to the future. Because together we can use synergies, learn from each other and move things more easily.

Your contact person

Mariana Ristic

Head of ESG
+43 1 217 12-0