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Offices are productive hubs of knowledge, inspiration and creativity. For these aspects to thrive, Value One has been creating new spaces for modern ways of working for years – always focussed on trends like individualisation, connectivity and digitalisation.

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Whether it’s spatial landscapes with work and communication areas or flexible rooms for different ways of working – Value One stands for real estate and spatial planning with a holistic and future-oriented approach. Right here. Right now. And all across Europe. 

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  • Thought-out and elaborate: We are focussed on the future – and on sustainable, energy-efficient and resource-conserving construction methods. We stand for real estate with lasting values, for buildings that are health-oriented as well as climate-friendly. 
  • Individuality through diversity: No two office buildings are the same – whether it’s a symbiosis of nature and workspace or a complex high rise.
  • The complete package with real estate & facility management: Value One is your one-stop shop for real estate and facility management, helping you save time and effort.

Viertel Zwei

Viertel Zwei today is one of Vienna's greenest and most varied urban development projects.

Viertel Zwei

Viertel Zwei today is one of Vienna's greenest and most varied urban development projects.

Viertel Zwei in Vienna: 

a modern workspace fused with nature

Viertel Zwei in Vienna‘s Prater area is a prime example of modern workspace design. Biz Zwei, Denk Drei and Rund Vier as well as Hoch Zwei offer more than 80,000 square metres of office space for about 7,000 people. The complex of buildings is tailored to the demands of today’s working world: They are attractive, flexible, communicative and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

In addition to the unique office space, Viertel Zwei offers 13,500 square metres of public green areas and open space with an artificial lake for optimal work-life balance.

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