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new school building in Viertel Zweil


new school: GTVS Elsa Bienenfeld-Weg 21

Viertel Zwei continues to grow - and with it the need for new school space, which the City of Vienna is meeting with the construction of an all-day primary school at the Elsa-Bienenfeld-Weg 21 site.

Building site and open space

The construction site of the school building is about 1,000 square metres in size. A 17-grade cluster-based and all-day primary school for about 400 children will be built. The educational offer is complemented by an open school area of about 2,300 square metres. The school open space runs in the northern area from the eastern edge of the building to the western boundary of the "Korso" residential building and is connected here to the existing open space of the Vorgartenstrasse 208 primary school. In this way, the existing hard court can be used by both schools.

The new school building

The school Elsa-Bienenfeld-Weg 21 was designed by the award-winning architect Martin Kohlbauer. The building consists of a ground floor, four upper floors, an attic and two basement floors. The finished building will reach a height of around 22 m from the south-western side - i.e. the lowest point on the ground. The main entrance to the school will be located next to the "Zuckerlhaus" and will provide quick access to the underground station. Of course, the entire access in the school building is barrier-free. In line with the City of Vienna's policy of avoiding car traffic in the vicinity of schools, the GTVS Elsa-Bienenfeld-Weg will not have a car drop-off zone for schoolchildren. Delivery and disposal (rubbish, kitchen) will be done underground via the future truck loading zone of the adjacent high-rise buildings or via the garage. Thus, Neighbourhood Two will remain car-free in this area. 

Climate-friendly construction

In this project, too, the City of Vienna focuses on climate-friendly implementation. The energy efficiency of the building was evaluated in a thermal building simulation in order to determine the consumption in a user-friendly and targeted manner. The primary school will be connected to the Krieau power plant, which already supplies Viertel Zwei with district heating and district cooling from fossil fuel-free energy sources. The system brings together renewable energy sources such as geothermal probes, sewage heat utilisation, groundwater utilisation and air heat exchangers. In addition, a photovoltaic system makes this school climate-friendly. As with all projects of the City of Vienna, the ecological and sustainable procurement programme ÖkoKauf is applied to all products used.

Key Facts:

  • 17-grade all-day primary school
  • Gross floor area approx. 6,500 m2
  • Room for about 400 children plus pedagogical staff
  • Warm-up kitchen, dining hall 
  • 2 gymnastics rooms, 1 exercise room
  • Evening use of the sports halls by sports clubs 
  • 6 floors above ground
  • Building height approx. 22m


  • Start of construction: Nov. 2022
  • Completion of construction: June 2024
  • Start of school: Sept. 2024

Information on school enrolment can be found here: https://www.bildung-wien.gv.at/schulen/unsere-schulen/Anmeldung-und-Aufnahme-in-die-Volksschule.html

Construction site working hours: 

Due to the tight construction schedule, construction site working hours are oriented towards the higher end of what is legally permitted. Occasionally, special transports have to be carried out at night. We ask for your understanding. Of course, all companies working on the construction site are requested to avoid unnecessary noise.

The regular working hours are:

  • Mon to Fri: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sat: 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For information on the construction and construction progress, you can contact elsa@wienprojekt.at