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Value One: ÖGNI awards for grandstands in Viertel Zwei


One year after the completion of the extensive renovations of grandstands 2 & 3 in Viertel Zwei, the project received two ÖGNI awards.

Vienna, 03 November 2022 - Sustainable construction and social sustainability. Prizes in these two categories have now been awarded for grandstands 2 and 3 at the trotting track in Vienna's Prater. 2021 Value One successfully completed the comprehensive refurbishment of the buildings.  The Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate (ÖGNI) has now awarded the project "DGNB Gold" - an international, holistic certification for sustainable construction - and on the other hand the "ÖGNI Crystal" for above-average social sustainability.

The listed grandstands at the Krieau trotting track are -- as the first reinforced concrete buildings in Europe -- the architectural result of the Fin de Siècle and were built at the beginning of the 20th century. Two of the three grandstands were not used for decades until Value One took on the project as part of the "Viertel Zwei" urban district development. The declared goal: to revive the historic charm of the existing buildings and combine it with a new building. Thus, after a little over a year of construction, an office building complex was created with a great view of the Green Prater as well as the harness racing track and Viertel Zwei behind it. Value One CEO Andreas Köttl comments: "The grandstands at the Krieau harness racing track are incomparable architectural jewels and are among the most impressive buildings still standing from the 1900s, which is why we were particularly keen to realise a landmark project here by revitalising and redesigning them. The ÖGNI awards confirm the path we have taken and our holistic view of real estate, which should still have its value for future generations." ÖGNI Managing Director Peter Engert adds: "As a user of this office building, ÖGNI can see for itself every day the quality, concept and their positive influence on creativity."

Far more than just an office
Tribunes 2 and 3 now house numerous companies (including the headquarters of Value One). The new working environment blends gently into the green surroundings of the cultural-natural landscape of the Vienna Prater thanks to the moving "wooden slat dress". The credo during the planning and technically extremely complex renovation: "It is anything but an office" - which shifted the focus away from a classic office building and towards a living space for a wide variety of needs. Thanks to the unique location directly next to the Green Prater, the buildings are in the middle of the city and at the same time surrounded by nature.

The comfort factor is not neglected here either. The old building with a gross floor area of almost 2,300 m² brings the history of the listed grandstands to life. It has been fully modernised and offers sufficient space for meeting rooms and communal areas. Next door in the new building, the main focus was on flexibility and modern concepts. The gross floor area of more than 3,000 m² with a ceiling height of three metres provides the basis for state-of-the-art offices. Between the two parts of the building is an atrium including a cafeteria. All around there are extensive open spaces, some of which have been intensively landscaped. "The demands on the working world of tomorrow have changed fundamentally in recent years. This project therefore focused on sustainable impulses and the fusion of different concepts. We didn't just want to create an innovative office, but working and living spaces of the future," concludes Köttl.

About Value One
Value One, headquartered in Vienna, develops and operates extraordinary properties and city quarters that are a joy to live in. In the three business divisions Development, Operations and Digital Solutions, more than 200 employees work on the realisation of our visions. Over the past 20 years, Value One has realised outstanding properties worth around two billion euros in five European countries. Taking into account our ESG strategy, exceptional living spaces are designed and preserved for future generations. Currently, more than 7,000 people live and work in our properties. Vienna's Viertel Zwei urban development and our premium MILESTONE student flats across Europe are just two examples of the new standards we are setting. www.value-one.com

About ÖGNI
The ÖGNI, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft (= Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate), is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) for establishing sustainability in the construction and real estate industry. The focus of the ÖGNI's work is the certification of sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods according to the European quality certificate DGNB. The aim of the ÖGNI is to demonstrate the added value of building certifications in order to create environmentally and resource-friendly buildings with high economic and social efficiency that can be used flexibly over generations and have a positive impact on the well-being of their users. The ÖGNI was founded in 2009 and is a cooperation partner of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), whose certification system was adopted, adapted to Austria and has been continuously developed since then. The ÖGNI is the only Austrian Council to be an "established member" of the WorldGBC (World Green Building Councils) and strives to strengthen the European quality certificate of the DGNB at international level. www.ogni.at

Photo: © Value One
from left to right: Reinhard Labugger (Auditor ÖGNI), Kerstin Robausch-Löffelmann (Head of Development Value One), Peter Engert (Geschäftsführer ÖGNI), Andreas Köttl (CEO Value One), Heide Schicht (Head of Remarkable Development Value One), Walter Hammertinger (Geschäftsführer Value One Development), Klemens Anderl (Head of Operations Value One)