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Update: Construction site Viertel Zwei


Change of paths from 18 November 2022

Due to the construction of the new primary school & the erection of the two high-rise buildings, there will be a change in the routes in Neighbourhood Two from 18 November 2022. Please refer to the attached map for the new pedestrian routing. There will also be wayfinding signs on site for better orientation. The emergency services have been involved and informed by the City of Vienna. Access for the fire brigade, ambulance and police is therefore still possible without restrictions.

The following additional information: 

  • The access after the pedestrian bridge to the underground or ramp will be closed to protect pedestrians. 
  • As the space and accessibility on site are very limited, the area along the entire underground station must be used for construction site logistics. 
  • The lorry construction traffic would cross the footpath from the underground exit over the bridge towards the Korso and thus pose a danger to pedestrians. This barrier was arranged by the City of Vienna as the building owner of the school.
  • For all pedestrians, a barrier-free replacement footpath along the existing open space to the existing school will soon be constructed by asphalting by the City of Vienna in accordance with the Vienna Building Code and corresponding guidelines. 
  • The path will be illuminated and additional signposts/signposting will be installed and a winter road maintenance service will be commissioned.
  • The replacement footpath to the Korso will be made via this diversion until around summer 2024.

Further update regarding routing: 

Due to many enquiries, we approached the City of Vienna as the building owner of the school again today, 30th November, and were able to achieve the following adaptations.

  • Access via the bridge will be open from 13.00 on Saturday until 06.00 on Monday. 
  • In addition, access to the bridge will also be opened over the Christmas holidays (Sat., 24.12.2022 to Mon., 09.01.2023, 06.00 hrs).

The City of Vienna already asks for your understanding that in the event of future approved construction activities at the weekend, this opening to the bridge will have to be closed again for this period for safety reasons.Kind regards,

Your LiveDabei! - Team