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Project update: Grünblick & Weitblick


Information on excavation safety, bypass options and night work

Since the beginning of April, work has been underway on the construction site of the Grünblick and Weitblick projects. To ensure your continued safety in Viertel Zwei, we have some important information for you here:

No trespassing on the construction site: no passage between the construction site and the stables.

For legal and safety reasons, the construction site may not be entered and the construction fence may not be climbed over or opened. This unfortunately leads to some road closures and requires a wide bypass of the construction site. 

The construction site and the stables are directly adjacent to each other. Since the property of the stables is exclusively at the disposal of the Vienna Trotting Association, it is forbidden to enter the site. The construction site may also not be entered for safety reasons. We therefore ask for your understanding that the passage here is currently not possible.

As soon as the construction work is completed, the planned paths and squares will be available to you, just as they are in the existing Viertel Zwei. 

Upcoming night work 

From the beginning of May to the beginning of July*, the diaphragm wall of the excavation support will be constructed. Some nighttime work will occur during construction, requiring site lights to be turned on and the pump to be started (dull, dark noise). 

In the first week of May*, there will also be heavy-duty removal, which unfortunately can only take place outside normal working hours. We will do our best to keep the noise disturbance as low as possible and ask you to excuse this inconvenience. 

Thank you for your understanding! 

*Changes are subject to change without notice


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