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Project presentation: Grünblick in Viertel Zwei


The new residential project of Value One in detail

Perfectly cut single apartments or spacious family apartments in a central, car-free location & unique views? Sounds dreamlike? It is! The Grünblick project is the latest residential project in Viertel Zwei and offers a total of 340 condominiums in various sizes. Special highlights of the project are the concierge service, as well as the wellness area on the rooftop with spectacular outdoor pool, fitness room panorama sauna and dining room with outdoor terrace. The purchase of the apartments is already possible, on the project page Grünblick im Viertel Zwei the available apartments can be viewed in detail and in some cases even the views from the apartment are available as a video. For all prospective customers it is called now fast to be and the desire dwelling select. 

Experience nature in the middle of the city with a green view: The outdoor space in Viertel Zwei

Also in the outside area all green-eyed people get their money's worth. The planned tree grove on the square and tree islands by the buildings, as well as tree plantings by the stable buildings, ensure a pleasant, natural atmosphere and a special quality of open space. 

What we pay special attention to: 

  • Replacement plantings will be made for all trees in Viertel Zwei. 
  • The open space in Viertel Zwei is open to the public, car-free & without compulsion to consume.
  • We provide shady areas in summer through planting 
  • We use the "sponge city" principle: rainwater is retained in the storable subsoil in the area of the large trees. The trees can get the water there successively.
  • We provide refreshment - there will also be a fountain at the square near the high-rise buildings, which will bring cooling on hot days and invite people to linger. 

Currently, the start of construction of the project is being prepared, from march 7th the necessary tree clearing will be implemented. We'll keep you posted here for the latest project updates!

Grünblick in Viertel Zwei

  • Start of construction: April 2022
  • Completion date: 2025

Do you have any questions? Then write to us at livedabei@value-one.com - The Live dabei! - Team is there for you.