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PLATIN for Viertel Zwei


Viertel Zwei is the first city quarter in Europe to be awarded PLATIN for sustainability 

Vienna, 05.06.2023 - Viertel Zwei in Vienna's Leopoldstadt district is the first city quarter in Europe to receive the PLATIN final certificate from the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate (ÖGNI) for its outstanding sustainability performance. The assessment was based on the recognised certification system of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and included ecological, economic, socio-cultural, process and technical qualities. 
"Being the first urban quarter in Europe to be awarded the PLATIN final certificate by the ÖGNI fills us with pride," announced Walter Hammertinger, Chief Development Officer (CDO) at Value One. This recognition acknowledges Viertel Zwei as a pioneering example of sustainable urban development, especially for its careful planning, lively atmosphere and environmentally friendly measures. 
"Sustainability is achieved to the highest degree when the focus is not only on the individual building but also on the surrounding area. Viertel Zwei is an ideal place to understand sustainability in the neighbourhood. Ecology, economy and social competence is very well implemented here. As ÖGNI, we are pleased that the idea of sustainability is not only discussed, but also implemented." Peter Engert, Managing Director, ÖGNI, adds.   
Integrated urban structure and diverse recreational areas  
The successful integration of the urban quarter into the existing urban structure as well as the creation of many (car-free) open and recreational areas was particularly positively highlighted. The balanced mix of office and residential uses and the availability of important facilities such as education, health care and local amenities contributed to the positive assessment. 
Flexibility of use and careful treatment of existing buildings
The high flexibility of use of Viertel Zwei, the respectful treatment of the listed existing buildings as well as the excellent connections to the public transport network and the high-quality pedestrian infrastructure were also rated positively. 
CO2-free heating and cooling systems and innovative energy solutions  
With the support of Beyond Carbon Energy experts, Viertel Zwei is focusing on innovative energy solutions and environmentally friendly design. The Krieau power plant provides a CO2-free heating and cooling system, while green spaces with many trees as well as water contribute to the ecological quality.  
Viertel Zwei thus becomes a showcase project for sustainable neighbourhood development. 
With Viertel Zwei, Value One sets new standards for sustainable urban development and demonstrates how ecological, social and economic aspects can be successfully combined. The award of the PLATIN final certificate by ÖGNI underlines Value One's commitment to liveable and future-oriented urban renewal. 
About Value One 
Value One, based in Vienna, develops and operates exceptional properties and urban districts. More than 200 employees work in the three business divisions Development, Operations and Digital Solutions to realise our visions. In the past 20 years, Value One has realised outstanding properties worth around two billion euros in five European countries. Taking into account our ESG strategy, exceptional living spaces are designed and preserved for future generations. Currently, more than 7,000 people live and work in our properties. Vienna's Viertel Zwei urban development and our premium MILESTONE student flats across Europe are just two examples of the new standards we are setting. www.value-one.com 

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