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Making more of real property.

Not only developing high-end properties from the ground up, but also with a successful track record of managing them: every day we demonstrate a new how this aspiration is realised to perfection with MILESTONE, Hotel Operations, Property and Facility Management.

MILESTONE: Providing students with a better quality of life.

What does it take to make a success of studying at university? A place to call home, where you feel at ease and can work properly. That’s the reason why we successfully operate student apartments in the premium segment under the MILESTONE brand all over Europe. Today we are already the market leader in Austria with MILESTONE and are at home all over Europe. With success: by 2022, 10,000 students throughout Europe will be living in MILESTONE apartments. More info on MILESTONE:

Hotel Operations: this is where performance has left its mark.

We develop and manage aspirational city hotels throughout Europe for various renowned hotel brands as a white-label operator. We ensure that our all-encompassing expertise is integrated in the entire value-added chain, starting with an appraisal of the location followed by an innovative and creative conceptual design up to the planning, construction, and operation of hotels.

Property and Facility Management:Providing a full range of services.

It’s really quite straightforward: regardless of whether for tenants, property owners or project developers – both in the planning phase and in ongoing operations of properties, we consider ourselves to be professional full-service providers for preserving the value of your property in real terms. It goes without saying that we offer comprehensive services and 24-hour customer support and that a high level of customer satisfaction is our top priority. What is more, our customers benefit from professional asset management.

Your contact persons:

MILESTONE Operations: Gary Clarke

Hotel Operations: Theodor Kubak

Property & Facility Management: Erich Fuchs