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Viertel Zwei – Live Dabei!


A yield of real property is certainly welcome.

Who doesn’t love those properties with promising prospects? That’s why we offer projects and properties that are of special interest for your investment.

A solid investment from A to Z.

Major investors wanting to invest in our projects and properties should be pleased: you have a choice between joint ventures and shared development of projects on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the outright purchase of a project that is either under construction or has been completed. Furthermore you can profit from our corporate bond. Here, investors are always involved directly and can follow the progress of their investment in every phase from laying of the first brick until the property opens. What is more, regular, comprehensive reporting provides a transparent account of project progress.

What you can rely on.

  • Your investment will always end up at the right address: at your chosen property.
  • Your investments are made together with recognised property experts.
  • Transparent inclusion in all key decision-making processes.
  • You may look forward to impressive returns.


Any questions?
Then get in touch with our Investment Director:
Harald Hübl