Value One Facility Management

Your one-stop shop

You need someone to make your move as easy as possible? Or someone to answer your questions on security or energy use? You’re looking for someone to organise hassle-free renovation or extension works at your office? Then Value One Facility Management is the perfect partner for you.

In addition to comprehensive building and equipment management, we also offer a wide range of services for all stagesof the property cycle, from moving in to office design and sustainable energy management.

Whether you need quick help or long-term support: We are on site to help you, around the clock.

All services at a glance

  • relocation management
  • installation and assembly works
  • on-site technical services
  • final cleaning
  • security patrols and checks 
  • monitoring of data points
  • provision of security staff
  • allocation of a fire safety engineer
  • lamp replacement
  • janitorial, basic, special and glass cleaning
  • drinks and meeting room service
  • repair and maintenance works for all devices
  • on-call service
  • regulatory inspections and reviews
  • troubleshooting and repairs
  • energy management
  • reporting, monitoring and variance analysis
  • tendering and contracting
  • warranty management and inventory
  • project and process development
  • improvement management
  • facility-related consulting and information
  • reconstructions and extensions
  • office redesign, domestic services und painting work
  • implementation of sound insulation measures 
  • technical upgrades

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